Do you know the major health problems facing Japan? Do you think that Japan’s health system is ready to tackle these problems? How can we use data to answer these questions?

Meditech Finder is a unique tool to answer these and other questions about the health policy challenges Japan faces.
Meditech Finder enables you to visualize Japan’s health challenges and opportunities for reform.

Concept Meditec Finder Visualizing the burden of disease in Japan clearly and intuitively, Meditech Finder will help you understand graphically what Japan’s biggest health challenges are, and how to solve them.

For example, Meditech Finder enables you to visualize Japan’s health challenges in terms of the burden of disease, and you can see clearly how well Japanese scientific research funding matches the health challenges Japan faces.

With the Meditech Finder, you can view the health challenges Japan faces and their solutions in a unique and intuitive way. Once you have the data, you can answer the questions – and get involved in a public conversation about how Japan can prepare itself for the future.


  • Kenji Shibuya

    Professor / MD DrPH

    Health policy, health economics, demography, statistics, epidemiology

  • Manami Inoue

    Professor / MD PhD

    Epidemiology of cancer, population-based study, cancer registry methodology, cancer prevention

  • Stuart Gilmour

    Assistant Professor / MStat PhD

    Statistics, epidemiology, non-communicable disease, health inequality

  • Sarah Krull Abe

    Project Assistant Professor / MSc PhD

    Diet and cancer risk in Japanese adults

  • Shuhei Nomura

    Assistant Professor / MSc PhD (expected)

    Global burden of disease, health policy, statistics, epidemiology, disaster medicine

  • Md. Mizanur Rahman

    Project Assistant Professor / MSc PhD

    Non-communicable disease, health financing in low- and middle-income countries, nutrition

  • Haruka Sakamoto

    Project Research Fellow / MD MPH

    Health policy, global health

  • Peter Ueda

    Visiting researcher / MD PhD

    Epidemiology, causal inference, risk prediction modelling and validation, cardiovascular disease

  • Yi Liao

    Project Research Fellow / MSc PhD

    Non-communicable disease, health financing

  • Eiko Saito

    Research Fellow / MSc PhD

    Dietary risks and cancer, health inequality, health financing

  • Sangah Shin

    Research Fellow

    Nutritional epidemiology

  • Dongyue Ping

    Research Fellow

    Theoretical epidemiology


Professor Kenji Shibuya

Department of Global Health Policy
Graduate School of Medicine
University of Tokyo

+81 38541 3688


This website is an initiative of the Department of Global Health Policy at the University of Tokyo, in collaboration with the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation (IHME) at the University of Washington, Seattle. It is supported with funding from the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare and the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology from the government of Japan. The IHME and these departments of the Japanese government shared data with us, and continue to collaborate with us as we develop new ways to explore health policy in Japan.

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