Data Visualizations

Burden of disease and research funding in Japan


View the burden of disease in Japan or total scientific research funding allocations by disease category and over time (2000 – 2012). This visualization charts the total burden of disease, measured as DALYs, YLLs and YLDs. The size of each bubble shows the magnitude of the burden of disease, and the bubbles are shown at different heights corresponding to the total amount of scientific research committed to each category. Click on the centre of a bubble to bring up detailed information about the disease category and its associated research efforts. Change the axes to show the bubbles by numbers of research grants or total research funding. Use the tabs to switch view from a bubble chart of disease burden to a bar chart of research funding, graphed by year. In this view you can find information on the total number of research projects funded in Japan, or the total amount of funding allocated to health-related scientific research. You can view the totals by types of research (such as clinical or social medicine) and also by disease categories.

Note: With the Meditech Finder, you can view the total burden of disease in Japan, calculated in two forms: years of life lost (YLLs) and years lost to disability (YLDs). YLLs measure the total years of life that are lost in Japan to disease because of early death. For example, if a person dies of cancer at age 50, then they have lost more than 30 years of life that they could have expected to live. YLDs measure years spent living with disability – they allow us to calculate the burden of disease due to conditions like arthritis that are not fatal, but which can still affect someone’s quality of life. When we add YLLs and YLDs we can calculate disability-adjusted life years (DALYs), which give a measure of the total burden of disease that a community faces.


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The burden of disease data from the on-going GBD 2013 study was obtained and combined with population data for Japan for the years with available data. A linear regression model was fit separately for each outcome (YLLs, YLDs, DALYs) adjusted for this population, age and sex, and used to calculate predicted values of the outcomes for the given years. Projections were calculated beyond 2012 using population forecasts from Statistics Japan. Total numbers of and amounts of grants disbursed were obtained from the grants databases of the NII and MHLW, and aggregated within categories corresponding to the burden of disease data. Download a CSV file containing all this data here.